Kyle van Til

Full-Stack Web Developer


After graduating a Full-Stack course at the NYCDA, i'm looking to further develope my skills working as freelancer.
A great eye for detail and the determination to get the best out of each project i'm working on will lead to great end results and satisfied clients.


Responsive Web Design

Using different frameworks you will be guaranteed to get a beautifull responsive layout, therefor users can reach your website whenever they want on any device.
As developer I am creating for the clients and users, this makes me believe that communication between my client and myself is the best way to achieve a beautifull end result.


If you are interested in working together and making a responsive, smartly designed custom web site, I would be more than happy to talk it over via skype or meet up for coffee and talk it over. So if you send me an email with a little information about your project I will contact you.


Here you can take a look at some of the projects that I have completed. At this moment I'm looking to further expand my portfolio as soon as possible.
I'll keep updating my page in the future.